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How did I get here?

Well... it all started with a needle-felting kit from Amazon.

Remember those cats from my 2016 animation challenge? They were real fun to make... so when the holidays rolled around and I had a bunch of left over wool, I decided to make some silly ornaments for a few friends of mine.

Don't ask me how a vaginas came to mind... but they did and they were a hoot.

The first one!

I dropped one off at my friend's workplace and her coworker made it very clear that she needed one for her sister. My first commissioned vagina!

Fast forward to now, November 2017 and I'm 30 vaginas in.

All uniquely different, in various shapes, sizes and colours.

Had to even open an Etsy store for custom orders!

I'm also tackling my first Holiday Gift Fair at the Tranzac, on Saturday, December 9th from 12-6pm. They'll be a little cheaper there.... The Holidays are here! Hope to see you. xo

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