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September 30, 2017

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October 15, 2017

Halloween's the best time of year. 

For Friday the 13th, like every year, I just had to carve a pumpkin.



I searched for inspiration and fell upon Martha Stewart's Raven. Very cool idea.

I liked the cage, so I searched "cage pumpkin", which quickly turned into "Nicolas Cage Pumpkin." You should try it.



I ended up seeing a series of small gourds stuck in 'prison cells' and well, that was it.



I traced some spooky windows with a sharpie, then cut and gutted my pumpkin.

Squishing pumpkin guts brings a silly smile to my face.



My gourd guy is a small gourd with skewers in his arms. His skin is a mixture of plastalina and yellow polymer clay. He sits on a chunk of the window, which is secured in place with armature wire. Armature wire also makes the window bars. It's super easy to work with and pokes through a pumpkin real well.




His eyes and mouth have plastic balls covered in that same clay.

There's a little bit of acrylic paint in the eyes and his mouth is a piece of black cardboard. 

I didn't want to go too into detail, as he will only last a few days.




I painted the pumpkin black and silver and lit up two tea lights.

 Spooking times have begun.



Something cozy about the smell of pumpkin glowing and a rainy fall day... 



 He kind of reminds me of Gizmo. Somebody let this guy out!





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