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October's Animation

October is a difficult month for me. It is one of my favourite months, but one that brings joy and sadness all at once... all the feels. It's funny how a time of year can make you feel, the same way, every year.

This year, October also brought a lot of work and distractions my way, which I am thankful for.

But of course, that meant very little time for this animation.

October to me is colour, the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and the smell of candle lit pumpkins. Oh gosh I love pumpkins.

For the second year now, I held a pumpkin carving party and it was a big success. Being surrounded by delightful, crafty friends is all I ever want. Pumpkins are a versatile canvas. It was great to see the different uses, faces and techniques everyone had... I was pretty fond of the woodcarving tools.

I also made "witch finger" sugar cookies. They're super fun at any age and kind of weird to eat.

Each finger had to be moulded! Baking is the best.

Anyways, back to pumpkins! I knew I wanted to animate one, but I wasn't quite sure how.

I thought about having a pumpkin face watch a spider crawl on it and eventually get scared so I filmed myself doing that motion with my face to later analyze the frames. (This is not me)

Having had a couple (pleasant) setbacks, I couldn't apply as much time as I wanted to doing just that (there seems to be a pattern here) and so on Halloween night, I proceeded to play around with clay on a pumpkin.

Here's what came out of that:

This animation was shot at 12fps using iStopMotion & a Canon T3i rebel (50mm lens) and took a total of 4 hours.

#animation #stopmotion #pumpkin #fall #claymation

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