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November's Animation

I love nature and solitude

In November, we seem to need quiet time. This year our little getaway was no exception.

Total tranquility in the middle of not much going on.

It's hard to disconnect from the frenzy of the big city. And let go of your phone.

Everywhere I go, I grab a little piece of nature to take home with me. Don't know why... I have a thing for dried flowers... there is beauty in the death of a living thing.

My most prized picking is a tiny poppy pod that I picked a top Rocher des Doms in Avignon, France. It is so small and pretty.

We hold on to little things like this , as a symbol or a memory. I should finish reading that Marie Kondo book... but stuff brings me JOY.

This summer, we took a trip out East to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. We stayed with our dear friend at his family cottage along the Black River. It was a lovely time, we ate lobster and I stumbled upon a few treasures.

There's nothing quite like dipping your feet in the ocean. It was along the Bay of Fundy shoreline that I found some dried pickings. Who knew why I was dragging them all the way back to Toronto ... until now.

Shells, twigs, seaweed and even some plastic strands stood out like art to me. You can animate anything.

When I looked through my box of nature pickings (yes I have a box of "nature"), I thought it appropriate for November. Things die, much like the seasons change, but we can find beauty again. And I imagine it to be very peaceful under water....

And so with that came this:

No real challenges this time, as I have animated similar ways before.. I really started getting the hang of different movement speeds within the same frame rate. Each thing started having a pattern to it and the story unfolded as I went on. One thing is for sure- it sure is nice to have DragonFrame back in my life again (THANK YOU ST-ALBANS!!)

Now to work on colour correcting...

I created the track with my ever-so-amazing MicroKORG XL synthesizer and the DM1 drum machine app. The animation was shot using a Canon T3i Rebel with a 40mm lens and on DragonFrame at 12FPS. It took a total of 3 hours.

#animation #nature #trip #vacation #solitude #stopmotion

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