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Animation Challenge

January 13, 2016

With every new year comes a set of new goals on the ol' vision board.

Most of them get crossed off as they're never completetly unattainable.

It's usually something like "Stretch" or "Breathe" or "Stop saying yes all the time."


For 2016, I am challenging myself to create one animation per month. That means 12 short stop motion animations within the year. My 2016 is turning out to be entirely about discipline.


For January,  I was inspired by this photograph:


Gerry Mulligan (1953) as photographed by Bob Willoughby.


In tribute to Terry Gilliam, I decided to do a cut-out animation. I drew a man with similar features as Gerry on watercolour paper, using watercolour pencils. I then drew several small 'weird' things that could potentially come out of his saxophone.


That was the idea. Short, sweet, comical... This man plays more than just Jazz


Then, I found an amazing framed photograph (of somewhere in Italy?) at a thrift store.

It was perfectly proportionate and not too distracting.  


After hours of exacto-cutting I began playing around with the soundtrack.

Thanks to, I was able to collect a series of SFX that seemed funny to me.

I layered them into one track, which quickly became my audio map for this animation.


I love the amount of improvisation there is in stop motion animation. Of course, it's essential to have a storyboard but when you begin to animate, you don't really know where it's going to take you, and it's always so rewarding.


 This animation, from start to finish, took a total of 14 hours.



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