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July's Animation

I've probably mentioned this before, but I think hands are fascinating.

For some odd reason, they really inspire me, often.

For July, I knew I wanted to build a shadow box. Of course the word shadow led to puppets!

Shadow puppets!! They just bring me back to being a kid. With flashlights, in tents or forts, it felt really cool when someone showed you how to make that 'shadow bunny'.

I began to trace a bunch of different hand shapes. I didn't really storyboard anything out- I just had a bunch of fingers and hand positions and improvised. Freak hand was sadly not used.

The shadow box set up was very easy and low budget. I bought a plastic storage container from Dollarama ($3), used my beloved clamp lights and a little bit of wax paper to diffuse the light.

I didn't even need to cut through the storage box!

The clapping sounds were downloaded off of (thank you)!

This little video was pretty easy and had very little challenges along the way.

Maybe I am getting good at this? It IS only 10 seconds.

The issue always, is time. There is never enough time.

We leave tomorrow for the East Coast and all I can think about is VACATION.

Time to go pack those bags!


This animation was shot at 12fps on a Canon T3i using iStopMotion Express.

From start to finish, it took a total of 8 hours.

#animation #cutout #stopmotion #lightbox

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