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May's Animation

For my birthday in April, I received a handful of beautiful bouquets.

I love flowers, and I didn't want to see these go to waste, so I pressed them, on purpose of course.

I wanted to animate pressed flowers for May because Spring is finally here!!

After very little research (a youtube video or two) I learned that you have to press flowers in their "prime". I enjoyed them for a couple days and then laid the prettiest ones to rest on newspaper between two heavy books.

Then you have to wait... a good 2-3 weeks. Perfect! I was leaving town.

Some dear friends of mine own an amazing Flower shop called Van Harten and Tossell. If you're in Toronto, you should get to know them, hire them for all your floral (or cookie!) needs- or at least follow their instagram. They do incredible work. I still dream about my wedding bouquet.

Look at these goddesses!

Anyways, they asked me to do a little promotional video for their social media and I was immediately excited. Done deal!

When I came back from my trip, I pieced the flowers together to see what I could make of them.

Sure enough, a lady came to mind and that was that!

The challenge I had was not to break the flowers. They are quite delicate! I had to handle them with multiple pairs of tweezers.

Have a look!

Having really enjoyed animating with my iphone, I did this one again with iMotion.

It took a total of 3 hours.

#animation #driedflowers #mothersday #stopmotion

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