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April's Animation

May 5, 2016


For April, things needed to be portable, as I spent most of it exploring parts of France, Italy and the Netherlands. 


I knew that when I set up this challenge for myself, this month would be particularly difficult.


I brainstormed a series of ideas, but most of them seemed impossible or unrealistic.


It began with a sketchbook. I envisioned a series of drawings to make a 'flip-book' animation.

I ended up with 2 sketchbooks that had the perfect paper, but they weighed me down (literally)! When the time actually came to doing "10 drawings a day" it was a dumb idea. I was taking in new sights! And uninspired to focus on sheets of paper, even in transit.


I decided not to stress about it and enjoy my trip. I started in Paris, made my way down South and when I got to Nice, things changed!



I fell in love with my little hotel room. It had a balcony with plants, a single bed, a sink, a shelf and a desk by the window. It was the perfect place to get some work done. Almost every single time I start a project, I have to move stuff around in my studio- for it to feel "right".


I went for a long walk my first night there. I think I have a thing for shutters.


They're everywhere! I love how they add so much character.

I took the photo (at the top of this post) and was inspired to recreate it.


A timelapse animation seemed to be the easiest way to animate in one evening.


When I got back to my hotel room, I set up my awesome new tripod, closed the curtains, moved a few lights around and began to draw my reference photo. Sure, I made a couple uneven lines, but I was drawing upside down! Then came the watercolours. I ALWAYS pack my watercolours.



It wasn't incredibly challenging, but it was what was simple and didn't take up too much time on my little holiday.


Head on over to my instagram page to see how it turned out!


This animation was shot on my iphone 6 using the iMotion app and took a total of 4 hours.



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