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February's Animation

Maybe it's because I wish I was laying in the desert sun?

Or maybe it's because we've been really into nature documentaries on Netflix?

Reptiles are just so, so fascinating.

I mean, look at this guy. The details!

For February's animation, I knew I wanted to sculpt a chameleon.

I also knew I wanted to animate it's eyes to a disco song.

I started by using a small block of wood, some foil and some armature wire.

I layered on some sculpey and used my grand-father's awls for texture.

The puppet isn't made to move all that much, as it was all about it's neck and eyes.

As for the disco tune, I created it using one of my favorite drum machine apps (DM1) and my MicroKorg XL synthesizer. I wanted something catchy and fun.

Next, came the green paint. I knew I wanted to green screen the chameleon, as they can actually change colour in the wild. I found "sour apple" at the dollar store for $1.25 and it worked great.

Sure enough, I made a cactus to match scale and put a rock in there too.

This animation, from start to finish, took a total of 12 hours.

#stopmotion #animation #puppet #sculpey #armatures

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