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Harvest Wreath

Ahhh, the Harvest!

You could say "Fall" or "Autumn", but I prefer "The Harvest."

It's a striking title. And probably everyone's favorite time of year.

The air crispens, the apples ripen- comfort exists in food and layers.

We prepare for hibernation, and work.

Of course it always arrives unannounced, and a bit too quickly.

September feels like the "New Year".

A reflective time for goal setting and lists!

The risks I took in summer set in and it's back to creation mode.

It's hard to work in the summer.

It's all about burgers and beers and cottages and white wine spritzers.

It's been chilly the last couple nights. Down to a single digit.

Got me worrying about the plants, but excited for what's to come... a little too excited.


Wreaths are inviting, colourful and an arrangement of things I love.

We usually have a pinecone wreath up during the holidays, but there's something about the fall colour palette that got me extra excited. A wreath for every month! No. Too much.

I starting thinking about gourds, boxwood and dried flowers but I also wanted to stay on a budget.

Here's my $10 DOLLAR wreath recipe, should you want to make one too! WREATH TWINS.


-a wire coat hanger

-some craft wire

-a hot glue gun + extra glue sticks

-wire cutting pliers

-plastic greenery from your local dollar store

-dried flowers, grass or branches

-ribbons, fabric, burlap, buttons (basically anything in your craft cupboard)

Bend the base of the wire hanger to form the shape of a circle.

Attach small stems of greenery all along the base of the wire circle with craft wire or hot glue.

Hot glue on additional plastic greenery or dried flowers.

I just so happened to have some wheat lying around!

Wrap or tie some string, ribbon or burlap anywhere along the ring.

Add additional decorative pieces to your wreath with hot glue or craft wire.

I found a miniature pumpkin I got from a doll store.

And there you have it! You're ready to receive!

Naturally, her name is WREATH WITHERSPOON.

#wreath #crafts #diy #fall #autumn #harvest

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