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I've had an obsession with snails for a while now.

If you follow me on social media, you may have have encountered the occasional photo, or my "snail channel" on Periscope. There's no question as to why they're amazing creatures.

I love watching them when I work in my studio. A tank, with about 10 mystery snails, sits right beside my computer. Whenever I have a brain fart (which is fairly often), I glue my eyes into their world. While it's obvious that they move at a pace we all should follow, it's the simplicity of their lifestyle that amazes me. A rock, some driftwood, water and a slab of lettuce. That's simple.

Sometimes they go up for air, or even fly! Their bodies move in a way I wish I could.

All it takes is a few minutes of observation (frequently) in order for me to get back to work. I call them my beautiful procrastination babies.

RIP Snelly Furtado.

#snails #procrastination

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