October 3, 2015

I miss her.


Days go by, and I miss her. 


Her demeanor, her joie-de-vivre, her quirky ticks.... I miss my best friend.


 ​If I should begin to describe it, it's like letting go of your "blankie".


You held something dear, very near and then suddenly,  you're expected to move on and grow up. Suck it up little one.


The process of acceptance is a strange monster. And it morphs into a different creature every time...

September 15, 2015

 Ahhh, the Harvest!


You could say "Fall" or "Autumn", but I prefer "The Harvest." 

It's a striking title. And probably everyone's favorite time of year.


The air crispens, the apples ripen- comfort exists in food and layers. 

We prepare for hibernation, and work.


Of course it always arrives unannounced, and a bit too quickly.


September feels like the "New Year".


A reflective time for goal setting and lists! 

The ris...

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